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Saturday, November 24th, 2007
12:42 am
Quick post
Went to see Beowulf with some friends tonight. Its in 3-D which was kinda fun and it was completely computer animated. Sadly they butchered the story which was disappointing. I suppose it might have been better if I did not already know the original story but even so I think they could have written a better script considering they already had a good story to go by... so much for Hollywood.
Thursday, November 22nd, 2007
11:59 pm
Time to check in...
Its been awhile since I have updated this so here is a summary of what has been going on over the past few months.

July - Went white water rafting on the French Broad river. We went hiking at Chimney rock and went gem "mining" and found a lot of gem stones which were worth more than what we paid to mine if we ever sell them.

Aug - My sister got married in the mountains of NC. My parents rented a cabin and we met up there for the wedding and to visit some. It turned out really well and we went white water Kayaking the next day.

Sept - We managed to get to the beach and relax a little bit. Went surfing some though the waves weren't the greatest and we ate at a new place along the river walk in Wilmington.

Oct - My family all met down in Florida in an ocean front beach house we rented. We had a lot of fun enjoying the ocean, kayaking, and getting a tan.

Nov - Looks like I will be buying a house soon. We have a nice one under contract and everything looks like its falling into place. It even has a nice big porch for all you porch fans out there.

Things have been busy so I don't know when I will be updating this next. Hopefully it won't take me quite as long.
Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
12:31 am
People on the island of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea are using a
refined version of coconut oil to power their vehicles instead of diesel
fuel. The island took this measure to combat high energy prices. They
have set up small refineries to convert the coconut oil into fuel for
their cars a long with oil for cooking and cosmetics. With more and
more alternative fuels being used across the world it makes the motives
of the energy and car corporations in the US more and more clear. It
would be nice to say that corporations are concerned for the environment
and that the condition of the planet and the health of the people that
live on it is more important that the quarterly profits and bonuses that
these people make. It seems that no one takes responsibility for their
actions anymore... They say they can't remember or they were not aware
of the situation. They say that it would ruin their businesses and that
people would lose jobs ect... of course people are still losing their
jobs now but that doesn't keep those in charge from getting their
bonuses. In reality, greed, arrogance and a total lack of moral fiber
are the norm for most of those in charge of companies these days. Of
course we could be using different fuels in our cars. Of course our
cars could be much more fuel efficient. Other countries who are less
advanced than we are have these things and have had these things for
years. Why don't we? Greed, and a lack of concern for people and the
planet. Its not like we haven't known about these problems for years,
its just that there has been no motivation as long as it was more
profitable to keep doing the same thing we always have... and if someone
comes up with something better... they will be bought out and the
technology will be buried so that the profits are not put into danger...
Its only now when the price of fuel is starting to put the squeeze on
people and it becomes a popular political issue that politicians who
whore themselves out to any cause that will get them elected have taken
note and started to push for alternative fuels. Are their no idealists
left out their that fight for what it right just because it is the right
thing to do and not because they will get something in return for it?
Maybe a few but the system is set up to resist these kinds of changes...
There are too many deeply entrenched politicians, too many people who
have more power simply because they have been their the longest.
Private interests have too much influence over politicians with their
donations and their ability to get access to the politicians more
directly. Lets face it, if a company donates 10 million dollars to a
politicians re-election campaign and their representatives buy face time
with the politician to push their agenda, how likely is it that the
politician with be able to remain objective when making a decision on
the issues in question. Lobbyists and special interest groups have too
much power in our government. This is why these changes come about too
slowly and only when the problem is at hand and not before. We will
eventually have cars with alternative fuels, but only when the cost of
crude oil creates enough pressure to force politicians are companies to
change. The changes won't be made because it is the best thing to do or
the right thing to do. The changes will be made to keep politicians
careers intact and to protect the profits of companies who can no longer
deny us alternatives. It's a sad state of affairs when one realizes
that this world works from base motives like fear, greed and prejudice
instead of higher ideals.
A team of researchers in the UK did a study on artificial food
coloring and are suggesting that parents do not give their children
certain additives until the study is published. The study is expected
to link the coloring additives to hyperactivity and poor concentration.
Well, most people I know here know about the effects of red Kool-Aid on
children. Its not surprising that the artificial crap that most kids
eat these days would be affecting them some how
Saturday, May 5th, 2007
1:27 am
There is a spider in Brazil which has a toxin in its venom that
causes men to have erections. Interviews with several male spider bite
victims indicated that their sex lives had improved after they were
bitten by this spider. Scientists have isolated that chemical that
causes the erections and think that combining it with today's ED pills
will help them function better.
Another planet was found by a new telescope this week. Each
discovery of a new planet always reminds me of the Drake Equation. This
is an equation that was put forth by Frank Drake back in 1961 as a way
to determine how many intelligent communicating civilizations were in
the Milky Way Galaxy. The equation follows something like this... If
there are 100 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy there are a certain
percentage of stars that have planetary systems? Of the stars with
planetary systems, there should be a certain percentage that could
sustain life of some form or another? Of these planets that can sustain
life, how many of them has life actually evolved on? Of the planets
that life has evolved on how many have life that is intelligent? Of
these planets with intelligent life how many will be willing and able to
communicate? Now, we can't really determine the true answer to this
equation but, if you think about the implications of the actual numbers
involved, you will realize its fairly reasonable to assume that Earth
isn't the only planet to contain life in this galaxy and that we
probably aren't the only intelligent being in this galaxy. This may
sound too much like science fiction to some but you must realized that
in the last 15 years we have discovered a great number of planets
outside of our solar system. In fact, there seem to be MORE stars with
planetary systems than scientists first predicted. If one thinks about
this in relation to the Drake equation, then every planet that is
discovered brings us a little closer to the realization that we are
probably not alone in this galaxy. Let alone the universe. I'm not
saying that alien invaders will be landing tomorrow... in fact, if maybe
that humans will be the first alien invaders... It maybe that the first
forms of life we come into contact with are only microorganisms. Who
knows... that is assuming that we haven't wiped ourselves out with some
dumbass move...
Well, the North Carolina legislature failed to pass a ban on
smoking in public places this week... This was a less strict ban than
first presented as it would allow smoking in bars. I've read a lot of
comments on the news site of people talking about their right to smoke
and how its an addiction and they can't help it. Well, first, if its
that addictive than people should have the right not to be subjected to
it. Second, your "right to smoke" should not infringe my right to
breathe clean air as smoking is proven to cause cancer among other
health problems. Guess what, smoking is not only bad for you but its
bad for the people around you, smokers should not be allowed to affect
the health of those who do not smoke with their bad habits. I hope that
a total public smoking ban is passed in this state as I am tired of
having to be around cigarette smoke.
Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
11:58 pm
pills, pills, pills
We will have a pill for everything soon. Scientists are working on a
pill that "switches on" fat burning like the body does during exercise.
This is aimed at treating those with diabetes or who are at risk of
diabetes due to obesity... however I don't think any drug company would
be above marketing "exercise" in pill form. Scientists say that the
pill will not give you the other benefits of exercise but it will cause
you to burn fat and be resistant to gaining weight even if you eat a
high fat diet. This would be a very attractive offering to many many
people. There may come a day when we all can run around like we're from
the movie "300" and show off our six-pack abs. Of course the pill won't
make you so tough that you are a baby tossing, cape wearing Spartan who
is so tough that you have calluses on your testicles, but it can make
you look like one which is the goal for many people. It also will not
give you the endurance, strength, and agility that exercise can
either... All that being said, I think this pill would be a good idea
as it might get some of those people who are scared to exercise due to
the fact they are scared of being seen in the gym due to poor
self-image, exercising again... that would be my hope anyway. Like
most things those who appreciate something the most are usually those
who had to work the hardest to earn them...


The next pill on the list is a pill for women. The pill is
suppose to increase women's libido and suppress appetite. I can see
this being a popular pill for the colleges. The pill is suppose to be
targeted at women who have trouble with libido due to hormonal
imbalances... however as with the other pill, I'm sure this one would be
used for things other than the intended medical purpose.


A study of the arctic has found that the ice is melting a good deal
faster than computer models have predicted... so all of you people who
are really close to the beach but don't have beach front property...
good news.. Soon you will. Those of you who have beach front property,
its time for some swimming lessons. Maybe people will start paying
attention to environmental issues when the sharks swim up and bite them
on the ass.
Thursday, April 12th, 2007
11:59 pm
Phone call from a mountain top
My sister called me today. She was skiing on some mountain in winter park Colorado. Her cell phone gets crappy reception so she was calling from the top of the mountain where the reception was good. Would be nice to go skiing again but I don't know if I can swing the $ for that anytime soon. Let alone take the time off from work to do it. I need to check in on the on her cats tonight after I run by Walmart and pick up some printer paper. All we have is legal size... what we use that for I do not know. I should be able to run by the store before it closes when I get out of work here.
I got my second package from Bulk Nutrition today. I am pretty happy with the service from that web site. I can get some cheap supplements in larger volumes than from most other places and they ship them fairly quickly. I need to replenish my stock of L-Arginine pretty soon so I might be ordering again in a little while. I bought some L-Carnitine which should help me trim some fat before the summer arrives. One gram of that before I work out and at night should help my cells metabolize fat more efficiently. I have been trying to be good about getting my cardio in and not slacking off on days between my weight sessions. I would like to get to the point where my heart increases its capacity to pump blood. This will hopefully spill over into my weight training and let me do more reps along with having a healthy cardiovascular system.
My new gym should be opening up at the beginning of may. I am excited about have a nice gym to work out with plenty of equipment and some new things to try. I'd like to try the climbing wall out some and definitely use the lap pool because its been a long time since I have had a place where I can really swim ( I don't count apartment pools because they are usually too short). Having a pool dedicated to swimming lanes will be very nice and give me a new angle to challenge myself with and hopefully get some muscle development out of it. This will also help me get ready for opportunities I have to go surfing this summer.
I need to take my car to the shop some time soon and have the 60K treatment done to it... along with seeing if I can get its oil leak fixed. Maybe I can squeeze another 5 years out of my vehicle before I have to buy a new one. Don't want to have to deal with that car payment If I can help it.
Wednesday, April 11th, 2007
12:28 am
Well its been quite a while since my last update so I will try to catch up… I was hired on permanently with the company I was contracting with… though I didn't get much of a pay increase the benefits are definitely much better. I will hopefully be getting some opportunities to get back into the software side of the business.

I am almost done moving into the new apartment.. I just have a few things to get rid of then I'll be done. I have until the end of April to finish that up. It will be nice to have everything moved and not have to worry about getting that finished.

I will be going home at the end of May with Amy. We will be flying down to Houston and then driving back home to Nacogdoches to visit my parents. It will be nice to get back there and see how things have changed and what hasn't changed. It will be nice to see my parents too, especially my dad since he just gave us a little bit of a scare when they found that he had 70% blockage in one of the arteries in his heart. They had to put in a stint but he is doing better now. It will be good to see him in person just to know he is alright. The good news I suppose is that the rest of his heart looked great it was just in that one place so hopefully he has dodged that bullet on that one.

This is also a sign for me to keep an eye on this as it probably runs in the family. I will try to get my cholesterol checked fairly soon though I don't think it will be very high as I am usually pretty good about eating healthy. Its just been a few years ( 7th grade :) since I have had my cholesterol checked so its about time I had it done…

I hope everyone had a happy Easter. Mine was pretty good though we did a lot of cleaning and moving this weekend. My parents apparently got snow this weekend. Snow in my part of TX at this time of year is kind of like hell freezing over so look out for weird things to start happening everywhere. I suppose global warming and climate change has started to really show itself now. Hopefully more people will start taking this stuff seriously instead of hiding behind profits and the BS of those making the profits off pollution.
Sunday, November 26th, 2006
10:04 pm
The week started out kinda crappy... I was sick for the first part of the week and missed some work which will cut into my pay but atleast I will get paid for thurs and friday... by thursday morning I was doing a lot better though and I went over to Amy's and then we both went over to her mom's place for Thanksgiving dinner. We ate too much which is customary and the food was very good. We spent the next couple days over there visiting with Amy's family. Last night we went out with Amy's friend from high school Becky and her husband Matt. We had a pretty good and and we came back to my apartment and watched Dodge ball and chatted some... so now we have a standing invitation to visit them down in Florida.
Today we headed over to Lake Johnson and had lunch by the lake then walked some and talked a lot. Then we road around and and got depressed about houses in the Raleigh area. Apparently a nice sized yard is becoming a foreign concept around here and all the houses are stuck right up on each other in a winding maze of suburbia.. which totally sucks. I suppose I'll have to win the lottery to get a nice house with a nice yard around here... though if I did win the lottery I don't know if I'd want to stay here other than maybe a little place to live in when we visited Amy's parents...
Tuesday, November 14th, 2006
12:36 am
Last Saturday Amy showed her Condo. Things went pretty well so
hopefully she will get an offer. The woman is an older lady who is
looking to move closer to one of her daughters and her grandchildren.
He daughter lives close by so Amy's place would be very good
location-wise for her. After she showed the condo we went out to eat
with Amy's sister to Jack Astors. Its a lot nicer than it used to be
and since they got rid of Copland's and the ale house has gone
drastically down hill, its been out place of choice lately. After
eating we looked at some bigger apartments in my apt complex, they were
all nice but I'm not sure if the extra $ is going to justify the extra
space or vice versa. I'd like to have more space but I don't want to be
scraping to pay my bills. We also have to wait until my sister gets
back from her trip to Colorado with Chris. Hopefully we'll be able to
work a better deal. I'm not sure what my sister will do with her cats
but after keeping Amy's cats and her cats this weekend I don't think I
can take all the cat hair trouble. Right now I keep the cats out of my
room at night so I can sleep better. I also do not need a lot of cat
hair need my bathroom sink where I put my contacts in... its really
painful to have a cat hair stuck on the inside of your lens and those
things stick everywhere.
I am wondering if we should have a TV in our bedroom when Amy
and I move in together. I saw a study that showed people with TVs in
their bedroom were less active in other activities which isn't good and
I have a really hard time going to sleep with the TV which isn't as much
of a problem on the weekend as it would be during the week. I suppose
we may just agree upon a shut off time for the TV we shall see I
I want to go skiing or snowboarding this year... I haven't been
able to go the past few winters because of one reason or another. I am
not sure how it will work out if I get hired on permanently at my
current job but hopefully I'd be able to get a 3 day weekend or
something. Hopefully Amy and her shoulder will be ready for that :) .
Thursday, November 9th, 2006
12:01 am
Rejiggerification of the proclaimation
The word for today is rejiggering. The United States of America is
rejiggering the congress. It looks like with a little luck the
Democrats will be in control the of the house and the Senate. Hopefully
they will be able to undo some damage that President Moron as inflicted
on this country... its going to take a lot of work to do that though...

The Governator has a sequel and is going to be governating for a
second term in California. Arnold has done a lot of pushing for
environmental issues in California since his poll results were slipping.
I hope he is really behind his initiatives in this area and not just
trying to woo California voters to re-elect him.
Rumsfeld has resigned as the secretary of defense. Hopefully
the next guy won't be as big of an idiot but I'm not going to hold my
breath as "W" is selecting his successor. Too bad all those idiots
didn't resign, we could have replaced them all with a retarded spider
monkey and an ouji board.
The BBC had an interesting story about researchers using
immature retinal stem cells to restore some sight in blind mice. They
are far from a treatment for human patients but it shows that potential
stem cells have for the future. Its nice to think that sometime in the
not too distant future doctors might be able to restore sight to blind
My sister is leaving for Colorado tomorrow with her bf Chris.
He has a house in Winter park, Co so I suppose they'll be staying there.
She bought some new custom made hiking boots that she can go snow
shoeing in for like 300 bucks. With the amount of hiking they do it's a
good investment for her. Hopefully they'll be able to get some
skiing/snowboarding in along with snowshoeing and hiking ect... They
seem very happy together which is good to see. I think its about time
my sister had a really great relationship, may it only get better for
the both of them.
I put in for another permanent position at work. Hopefully I'll
have a new job after they get done rejiggering things there. There are
7 positions open so I have a really good chance at getting one of them
and I could really use the boost in $ and the improved benefits. At the
very least if I get hired I will start getting the 10% shift
differential that perm employees get for working 2nd shift.
My new gym keeps sending emails about seminars and updates on
how building is going. I will really be happy when it opens and I can
have a nice clean gym with plenty of equipment to go to... I am
thinking of trying the climbing wall to help me get over my fear of
heights. I think it would help if I new I could climb if I had too...
We shall see how that goes.
I have been trying to burn off some excess body fat while not
losing any muscle or actually gaining some. Its pretty much the most
difficult thing to do but I think my current approach is working pretty
well. I eat plenty of carbs on the days I lift weights and try to cut
my rest times between sets to increase the intensity of my workouts.
This should increase my growth response as well as boost my metabolism
for and extended period. On days that I don't lift weights I have been
doing cardio. I have been staying in the aerobic range because I want
to get my heart in better shape as I am getting older and it is going to
be more and more important for me to do that. This will hopefully also
elevate my metabolism throughout the rest of the day and increase the
fat I burn off. I have been cutting out most of my carbs on these days
trying to force my body to burn fat instead of carbs. Since I do eat
carbs every other day hopefully my body won't greatly slow down my
metabolism as it does when people try to cut out too many calories. I
have also been taking green tea tabs with my meals to help keep my
metabolism up. When I get my next coupon from vigorousliving I will
order some carnitine to help promote fat burning in my cells. I don't
know if I'll go for totally ripped but I do want to get some of my
excess fat burned off and perhaps a nice defined 6 pack for Amy.
Monday, October 30th, 2006
12:28 pm
Another day another peso
Well its Monday again, yippy!. I have to get my hair cut again this week so I suppose I should hunt down my appointment card so I am not late again. I forgot to get some meat out of the freezer to thaw last night but thanks to a good idea I had, my hamburger thawed in about 30 mins. I decided to squish the hamburger flat in the freezer bags I was putting it in so they would be stackable and since they are thinner and have more surface area they thaw much much quicker. yay!
Sunday, October 29th, 2006
10:39 pm
who's line is it anyway?
I got out of work on Friday so I could go see Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood. It was a rainy day which was sucky. Amy needed to return some things to walmart and Kohls. We drove to walmart which was packed... it seems everyone was out getting ready for Halloween weekend. As we pulled up to walmart I noticed there were 4 police cars at the entrance. We went in and got in line to return stuff and found out a man and a woman had gotten into a fight over a parking space and the man had hit the woman. The man was arrested and the woman ok, just a lil bruised and pissed.
We left Walmart after a while and headed over to Kohls. We returned a sweater to coals then we went to the mall to find Amy a Halloween costume for work. They're having some make a wish children come to trick or treat there. We visited Amy's friend Tom at the mall and then we went to the Halloween store. There wasn't much there as usual... they just carry some cheesy costumes usually with fake muscles or some kinda robe. The womens costumes are mostly oriented toward the adult side of things so we couldn't get any of those. We headed to party city but they only thing they had there that we wanted was sold out. So we headed back to my place to see if I could find something for her to wear from my previous costumes I had packed away. First I tried my old Jedi costume that I had made. It looked cute on her and like it might fit kinda.. until she dropped the ends of the sleeves she was hold up and then it was just funny. They were like a foot longer than she needed :). So I got a red cloak that I had from a medieval costume and we found a basket and with a skirt and white shirt she'll be little red riding hood. We got ready and left for the show and made our way through the idiot drivers to down town Raleigh. We got to our seats which were on the second row of the pitt right on center isle. The show was funny and it was great being that close to the stage, it was like it was a private show instead of a packed house of over two thousand people. They started getting help from people in the audience. Amy got picked first. She sat on a stool and they asked her some questions to set up the scene then had her read the name of the next game they were going to do when they said "freeze". After that she wanted me to get picked for something because she had to go up and sit on the stage. They did the mouse trap game, where they wear blind folds and do a scene with 100 mouse traps on the floor... ouch. It basically boils down to them trying to toss the traps at each other while blind folded and still doing the scene. After the intermission they brought up the dude that was sitting in front of us... he was wearing an inflatable horse costume. So they brought him up on stage and we found out that his name was Mel and he worked for the general assembly in Raleigh... (facepalm). So they said they were going to do a rap with him and they needed some back up dancers... well I got picked to come up on stage with another dude. So we get on either side of Mel and the other guy says, "I'm just going to follow your lead". They start off and I'm trying to not do the white boy dance, so I'm moving my feet and going to the beat and laughing at Brad and Colin doing their thing. Luckily they stage lights are so bright you really can't see more than the first 3 rows in the pit. That made it a lot easier because it didn't seem like I was dancing like a fool in front of over two thousand people... even though thats what I was doing. :) It also helped that there was a lunatic in a horse suit dancing next to me. So I'm doing ok, and with the beat then Brad steps back and says, "Bust a move Erik!" So the only thing I can think of doing is that move where you're kinda riding and spanking, yes, that one. Yes I did that in front of over 2000 people. It got some laughs so I'll take that as good. Then I backed myself up and they finished up and I got the heck off the stage and had a good time watching the rest of the show. They had us write down lines for them to say on little pieces of paper. They read them while doing an "impossible" mission type scene. Amy's line was "oh my god! Thats huge!" and my line was "Why are your shoes on backwards?" The skit was really funny and for the most part the lines people wrote down were really funny. Some one put down, "Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!" heh. It was a great show and we both got to be on stage and shake hands with Colin and Brad. I got some compliments on my dance moves while we were leaving.
I was hungry after that so we went back to Cary and since it was late we tried the carolina ale house. We hadn't had that much luck there lately but there isn't much open that late at night that is close by my place. We got there and it was smokey and the service was crappy.. Amy took a benedryl while we waited for our food so her asthma wouldn't get bad and we ate quickly and left. That pretty much kills that place from our list.
The next day we went to Umstead state park for a nice hike. We ended up hiking for about 2 hours or so and then we went to find Amy a shirt to go with her costume. After getting everything she needed for her costume we went to eat at Jack Astors. We hadn't been there in a while since it hadn't been that good before. They have since upgraded the place and its much nicer now. The wait staff was dressed up in costumes and we ended up being waited on by Daisy Duke. They best costumes there were a waitress dressed like Snow White complete with poofy sleeves and the two bar tenders who where Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Brothers. They lost our food order but it didn't seem like it was all that long a wait. Our waitress went back set them straight and the manager came out and said he would pay for our food. So we got a free dinner, and everyone was extra nice. I tipped the waitress $15 since we didn't have to pay for the food and everyone was nice before and after. To be honest I don't think we waited as long for our entries there as we did for our appetizer at the ale house the night before... I'll take free food if its offered though :)
I had to work today, though since the clocks got set back I got enough sleep and made worked for about 7 hours. Hope ya all remembered to set your clocks back. Its going to be a long week because its Dell end of quarter so I'll have to work til 1am on Friday I think... oh well.
Tuesday, October 17th, 2006
12:28 am
case of the mondays
Mondays are worst if you are coming off of a vacation... I was at a
nice quiet beach yesterday morning and now I am back at work. I'm still
pretty tired from traveling yesterday because Sam, my sister's cat,
decided to whine this morning starting at about 6 am. My sister was
conveniently absent as she was over at her bf chris's place. I was
hoping to get back to the gym today but I wasn't rested enough to have a
good workout so I didn't bother going. I did laundry, dishes, unpacked,
and paid bills. I sent off my last medical bill from my appendix... so
now I have to rebuild my bank account. I applied to some more permanent
positions where I work. There are 7 this time instead of just one so
hopefully I will get one of them and get a pay raise... I could use the
extra income.
I had a good time on my vacation last week. I got to visit with my
family, meet Chris, my sister's new bf and spend some time with Amy. We
were down in Panama City Beach. My dad rented a condo for us and we
spent the week enjoying the beach and relaxing. This is the latest in
the year we have ever been down there and it turned out to be very nice.
The water was a little colder but not bad at all. It probably would
have been warmer but there was a cold front going through the area. We
went into the water every day except one which was pretty cold and rainy
but we just stayed inside and played games and watched tv and went down
to the heated pool. The best part about going in the off season is
there are not as many people around and things are much quieter and its
easier to get around and do the things you want to do. There are also a
lot of sales on summer things because the stores are trying to get rid
of them. I got a nice silk shirt for just over 20 bucks at one place.
There weren't a lot of jelly fish in the water which was good and the
ocean was calm most of the time we were there so we got a lot of good
snorkeling days in. I bought Amy a mask that fit her and my dad gave
her one of his extra snorkels so all she needs now are some good fins.
Hopefully we'll be able to get out and do stuff together more... it will
be kinda tough with our schedules though..
Tuesday, August 8th, 2006
12:04 am
First off I'd like to share a little gem with you that happened
today. We have a cat named Sam who has long hair and is fairly chunky. As
a result, Sam has trouble grooming himself and my sister was calling to get
him a hair cut appointment at the vet. Well she is on the phone and I hear,
"Do a lot of people get their cats shaved in the summer?" and I'm thinking,
well it is bikini season... hehe and then she asks "Does it make a cat
happier?" I'm thinking, yeah its more likely to get attention that way...
and I'm cracking up and my sister gets off the phone and she's asks if I'm
laughing at her. Haha. It was great.
I bought some dextrose and maltodextrin this weekend. We visited a
brewing supply shop in north Raleigh that had the stuff I needed for a good
price. Dextrose is just another name for glucose which is the sugar that
runs around in your blood and powers your cells. Maltodextrin is a molecule
of loosely bonded glucose. You use both of these to increase absorption and
to make sure the solution you use does not pull water from your cells as you
want water to be going into your cells. Now for those of your that are
wondering what the heck am I putting into my body, dextrose and maltodextrin
are just forms of corn sugar and are used in making candy, sports drinks and
foods. Dextrose isn't as sweet as sucrose(sugar) and maltodextrin isn't
really that sweet at all... so not only can you absorb them faster for your
post workout boost but you will be able to tolerate drinking them a lot
easier. That much sucrose would be sickening and wouldn't do as good a job.
I have found a better place to get maltodextrin but I will be back to the
brewing place for a 50 lb bag of dextrose possibly next weekend.
I went to the gym this morning for the first time since my sugary.
I didn't have any trouble with pain or anything. I made sure I kept strict
form and I used lower weights... partly because of the injury and partly due
to the fact that I've lost some of my strength after being off for an entire
month. Bleh. I will say that the dextrose and maltodextrin I'm using make a
difference in my energy level from what I noticed the for the first run
which is great. I'll be able to have better workouts and hopefully make
some good progress.
I am ready to go down to the beach soon... hopefully I'll have the
opportunity to do this after this coming weekend. I've been pretty busy the
past couple weekends getting some extra work done that I am getting a little
burnt out... that and the trouble I have been having sleeping due to my
surgery (haven't been able to sleep comfortably on my stomach) have been
exhausting. Down time is very important to my mental health and the less I
get the crankier I get. Some time surfing and relaxing in the sun on a
sandy beach with the sound of the surf in the background is just what I
need. Hopefully I will get the chance very soon. I'm scheduled to go on
vacation with my parents down in Florida in October but that is pretty far
Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
12:52 am
Another day in happy fun land
Well, I just applied for a permanent position at work. Hopefully I will
get it... my supervisor said he would go to bat for me so to speak which
is always a good thing and from what my manager has said there aren't
too many people in the running for permanent positions. I could use the
added stability and hopefully extra money it would bring... not to
mention new health insurance as I have probably exhausted the benefits
from my current plan when I had my appendix out. Hopefully the new plan
will be a lot better than the one I'm on now which doesn't pay much at
all it seems. So hopefully I will interview and get an offer soon.
*fingers crossed*
My recovery is going pretty well so far I am moving around
without much discomfort now. I am going to be doing all my own lifting
ect at work this week so we'll see how well that goes. If all goes well
I will start back at the gym next Monday with shoulders/back and see how
that goes.
I've been working on a project with Amy these past couple
weekends. It will be worth it when we get done but since its been
condensed due to my appendix ect.. We haven't had time to relax as much
as we usually do and I think I will probably be working on it in my
spare time for the rest of the week. We'll definitely need to make some
changes if we do the project again.
I am hoping I can get some kind of small vacation in before the
summer is over... with everything that has been going on this summer I
could use a change of scenery even for a little while... and a chance to
relax and not think about bills, surgery, or work.
Tuesday, July 18th, 2006
10:39 pm
have a schnappi day
Well, I went to the doctor this morning and he said that I was doing well and I could get back to work when I felt better. I am going to try to go back on Thursday or Friday. I won't be able to lift anything more than 20 lbs the first week back so they'll have to get someone to help me out. I will be taking it slow because I don't want to rip any stitches out or anything and set my progress back... Hopefully it won't take me too long to get back in the gym.. its gonna be a while before I can catch back up.
I got a song stuck in my head today. Someone was playing it in a chat room that I was sitting in so I was going in the back ground. Its some kids song from germany about schnappi the crocodile. bleh
Sunday, July 16th, 2006
11:44 am
I may have spoken too soon
Well, in my last post I said I hoped that Amys kidney stone operation was the last we would see of doctors and hospitals for awhile... unfortunately that was not the case. The pulled muscle that I thought I had that night turned out to be something a little more troublesome. After I got home from work I went to bed and had trouble sleeping because I was having pain from what I thought was a pulled muscle... it occurred to me that it might be something else as it was in the right place for my appendix so I took my temperature but I didn't have one that night so... I took some ibuprofen and went to sleep. The next morning it was still hurting so I started to keep a careful eye on it.. I still wasn't sure it wasn't something I had pulled as you use your abs pretty much all the time but I kept taking my temperature. Amy came over after an appointment to bring me some lunch and I told her I was pretty sure it was a pulled muscle because I didn't have a temp and didn't really feel sick. So after we ate she went to another appointment and to get some rest. well about 2pm I decided I was going to call into work for the first time because I was still hurting and I started to look up the symptoms of appendicitis. Well I still didn't have a temp and I wasn't sick to my stomach.. just a lil bit of a lack of appetite which probably should have been a bigger warning for me. about 430 I took my temperature and it was 99.3 at that point I am still hurting so I'm like CRAP! I call amys home phone and her cell and get messages and I leave her a message on yahoo.. she was sleeping and responds to my yahoo message. I tell her I need her to come over and she should probably bring a change of clothes. Then I called my parents to talk to my mom who is a nurse and we talk and she says its very hard to spot an appendix but that I should probably go to the ER which is what I was pretty sure was going to happen as I figured something was wrong. So Amy got to my apartment and picked me up and we went to the ER. I signed in about 530 listing "possible appendicitis" as my symptom. We didn't wait too long for triage which the did the initial temp, bp, pulse, general symptoms, allergies thing. Then we waited for a bit and were taken back to a room in the ER and I had to change out of my clothes into a stupid gown thing. My sister showed up as I had called her on the way and told her I was heading to the hospital she worked at to probably have my appendix removed. We waited for awhile and I had a nice ER doc come in who was funny and told me they were going to do a CT scan to make sure what was going on and if it turned out to be my appendix then I would be having it out that night. They took me to the CT scan where I was scanned about 4 times and then I was taken back to the room where I started. It didn't seem to take very long after that that they were telling me they needed to prep me for surgery and told me they were going to try to get me back there at 8:30 I think.. My ER doc says he will get a doc he likes since I don't have a regular doctor. The new DR is Dr. NG "nong" who turns out to be a great doctor gives me the run down and leaves to get ready. At this point I am starting to hurt more and more and I haven't gotten anything for pain. They started an IV and give me something.. I forget what... I think morphine but i'm not sure and I am still hurting.. and we wait. After awhile they come back and say we are waiting for an OR as there are a bunch of C-sections going on... at some point they tell us they are going to move us to our room first to wait for the OR as its getting pretty late... sometime after this I feel something jump and I jump with it.. apparently this is my appendix rupturing. I don't know if it was that or what but soon after we get the call and at this point I catching my DR is pissed that I havent' been able to get into the OR yet and on my was in I here him talking to someone about courses of action and patient advocates but between the morphine and the pain I am not listening at my best. I move myself to the operating table and they put the mask on me and tell me its air... like i'd be refusing it if they said it was knockout gas, yeah right. I take a few breathes and i'm looking around and they're like ok breath deeeeper. So I take a few deep breaths and I am out. I wake up in recovery and the people are taking... I think I am in an out at this point because it only seemed like I was there for 15 mins or so... I kept looking around but I didn't really feel like trying to talk though I am not sure I could at that point. I hear my name and they wheel me to my room where Amy and my sister are waiting for me. They start me on drinking some stuff. I have a nice nurse which is good. We finally convince my sister to go home and get some sleep and we get some rest too. I am in the hospital from thursday to monday. They pump me full of antibiotics 24 hours a day to kill the infection that got let loose inside me when my appendix ruptured. The Dr. says it was fairly well contained but I am not happy that it ruptured and I will probably still try to find out if all those C sections where emergencies or not. I had some good nurses over the time I spent there and one not so good one. I think most of the older ones kept trying to peek at what I had even though it wasn't necessary to see my incisions. I had this drainage tube they referred to as my "JP" which turns out to be a very long tube with a big flat rectangular end inside you and a lil collection pouch outside you. Well they have to stretch to tube a little to make sure things are flowing right... well every nurse cept one was gentle with this... The one old biddy who wasn't gentle went to town tugging that biach and made me jump up in my bed as it hurt like a MFer. We did have a weird southern nurse that had elvis on her scrubs and nurses from the UK, africa and asia. My favorite were a nice gentle nurse who ended up taking out my JP which was probably a mercy from god and a sweet night nurse who changed my IV and antibiotics without waking Amy or I up in the process... Anyone who has stayed awhile at a hospital knows that sleep comes at a premium at those places. I had people coming in to change out this or that or clean or bring me a paper... and 90% of the time no one would close my door so I kept hearing the nurses jibbering or someone barfing or people pushing around things for fun in the hallway. They had nothing on TV and what did come on reminded me why I hate normal TV so much... there are literally more commercials that program. How is it that we as the viewers pay so much damn money to have television programs and over half of what we get are damn commercials that we don't want? The way I see if is we should only pay for the portion of the airtime that is TV show. Someone out there is making entirely too much money and we as the viewing public are getting screwed into giving them that money. My parents drove up from TX to come see me and monday my dad suggests I shave and maybe that will help get me out of there as I am ready to go cept that my temp had spiked at 102.5 the night before... but Dr. NG comes in while i'm mostly shaved and says I can go and that my blood culture had come up good. He says he thinks its probably my lungs that did it and asks if i've been coughing.. which I said no... and I have been using the little breathing tool thing they have been getting me to use but they didn't say anything about coughing and he says that its suppose to get me to cough and I tell him they never conveyed that to me and that I would start coughing. My dad who has been though this tells me what I need to do is hug a pillow over my incisions and breath in deep and cough out to get they mucus out of my lungs. Hes had more than his share of surgeries and knows what he is taking about. It works and my temp only got to 100 the next day at home and after that it was 99 then normal the rest of the time. Apparently the breathing thing isn't made for someone with good lung capacity as I could consistently max it out without coughing. So if you have to have surgery remember they want you to cough after, so forget the breathing thing, take a pillow and hug it over your incisions, take a long slow deep breath and cough it out. Do this about 10 times an hour is what they say and you should get out of the hospital faster which is always the goal. Before I went home they had to remove my "JP". I knew this would hurt as evidence of wonder dumbass yanking on it like I was one of those balloons attacked to a rubber band but when my nice nurse told me she thought I should take two percosets before she took it out... I knew it was gonna suck. So after the drugs kick in she puts down a paper cloth thingy to catch the blood and stuff and she cuts the stitch holding it in... she tells me to take a deep breath and I know i'm in trouble. We got it out in two breaths... I am not sure how gruesome it was for my family to watch though I guess 2 are nurses and my dad is old hat at it but let me tell you. It feels like someone is literally pulling your intestines out of you. It ranked at the 9-10 pain level but let me tell you i'm glad the nice gentle nurse did it cuz I think the other one would yanked out some major organs if she had done it. My parents went home on thursday after staying with me for awhile and they made it back home safe. I am still recovering, still taking antibiotics to make sure everything bad is thoroughly killed and slowly getting better and moving around more. I am having trouble with my insurance as I went to get my prescription and was told they had dropped me in february... I am still paying the premiums some I am getting my HR person to straighten it out... but someone other than me is going to be paying as I am paying my premiums, my end of the deal. Hopefully that will be cleared up soon and I can have this entire thing over and done with... I really appreciate my parents for driving up here from Texas to see me and my sister for when she wasn't too sleepy and especially my Amy who was always there for me and waited on me and took care of me with little or no sleep while I was there, thank you baby. :)
Thursday, July 6th, 2006
12:13 am
monkey monkey monkey!
Once again the rush at work is over and things slow down a bit. I had
Monday and Tuesday off so I got to relax a bit and spend some time with
Amy who is recovering from her surgery she had last Thursday. Hopefully
this will be our last experience with the hospital for awhile.. :) We
spent the weekend relaxing and looking for some amusing tshirts to
replace my aging bunch of tshirts. It seems there aren't many good
places around here to buy amusing tshirts anymore... I found some
surfing shirts and a tshirt about Chuck Norris which I won't be able to
wear around either set of parents... ;) . Its looking like I will have
to go online to get what I want which is a bit annoying because it means
I'll have to wait for it and pay shipping on something that I should be
able to get locally.. Apparently all they have around here are clothes
for rich yuppie brats who have the sense of humor and the individuality
of an acorn. Oh wait sorry that's a dis-service to all the acorns out
there who are definitely more unique and have more humor in their little
hats than these people. So anyways, I will probably end up ordering
what I am looking for online.
I need to work out tomorrow... I did chest with a bit of legs
and abs on Monday and I must have hit chest and abs pretty good because
I am feeling it. They have some different ab machines at the little gym
I have been going to and let me tell you I am sore in some new places
which is both good and painful. Hopefully I will be ready to do my
shoulder work out tomorrow morning. I went by my original gym this
morning to see if it was open again but no luck. I wish they would get
go ahead and do whatever they need to do and open that place again.. Its
over two and a half times the size of the place I'm going to now... and
it had better equipment and more of a variety. I don't know why places
have so much trouble staying open in that spot. There used to be a
theatre there, though I know why that place closed, the seats in it
sucked. I saw the damn blair witch project in that theatre. That was
torture and not just the movie, the seats killed your back... so there I
am watching three retards who can't read a map and use the sun as a
method of finding direction in pain for over 2 hours. I was ready to
shove that damn shakey camera so far up the blair witch's backside she'd
be walking funny for the rest of eternity. Anyways, after that there
was a restaurant... it was a nice place too. It closed in a few months.
Then it was taken over by golds gym which I joined. That was taken over
by beyond fitness which I now belong to... and hopefully they will
reopen that place... There is another golds gym nearby and its nicer
than the little gym I'm currently going to but it isn't as good as the
one that closed. That dude must have been gambling or something because
that gym was busy most of the time and insanely busy during the after
work hours. Oh well, I can hope and wait. Until then I will make due
with the gym I go to now. I got a hair cut this morning so its
short again. Its kinda odd when you first get it cut because you aren't
used to seeing yourself like that in the mirror. This is the shortest
my hair has ever been... though I've had short hair for most of my life
there were a few years that I had long hair... It was kinda fun having
long hair in this stuck up little town... people would look at you
funny and sometimes make comments... which I enjoyed. I did get hit on
by guys a lot more with long hair though... which makes you wander about
dudes with long hair... though I think its may have been more because I
was on the liberal looking side. Anyways, if you want to know how long,
long is, then put your hand behind you on the small of your back with
your fingers upward. Now if you pinched you would be holding the end of
the pony tail... that was at its longest. I don't think I'd ever want
to grow it out that way again... it got to be a pain in some ways. If I
sat down I'd have to make sure my ponytail wasn't trapped between me and
the seat. If it wasn't in a pony tail out of the way it would be
everywhere. It took more time and effort to wash... though since I wore
it in a ponytail most times it was easy to get ready, just comb it some
and pop it into a pony tail. No cow licks or hair sticking up like if
it was short... It was fun while it lasted. Anyways, not I have really
short hair which is really easy to take care of... I don't think it's
the best looking hair style I've ever had but at this point in my life
its probably the best one for me.
Wednesday, June 28th, 2006
12:09 am
Whats my name again?
Well, I'm almost done with end of quarter stuff at work. I will be very
glad to have some time off. I am going to try to meet Amy at the
hospital tomorrow morning to be with her while she has surgery to remove
her kidney stone that doesn't seem to want to budge. She has to be at
the hospital at 6am and the surgery is at 8am, so I am going to try to
get to bed early tonight hopefully as close to 12 as possible and get up
at 6 and try to make it to the hospital by 7am. Hopefully I won't fall
over at work tomorrow :) . I know Amy isn't looking forward to this
surgery but I know she is ready to get back to work and get on with her
life because she's been dealing with this for over a month now and I
know she is tired of hurting and frustrated at the trouble this stone
has given her on top of her shoulder surgery that she had last month.
Hopefully after tomorrow she will be on her way back to normal
and after Friday at midnight I will have some time off to recover from
the work and hours I have been putting in.. I will be nice to not have
to go to work for a few days and get some extra sleep.
I read something in the news about a nifty device the US
Military is going to deploy for its troops. It's a device that uses
ultra sound to detect internal bleeding using the doppler effect (the
compression or lengthening of sound waves as an object moves towards or
away from you. i.e. The sound a car makes changes as it speeds by
you.) The doppler shift will be used to show internal bleeding and a
high energy pulse of sound waves will be used to cauterise the ruptured
blood vessels. This should help keep people from dieing of blood loss
before they can get to a surgery center. I thought it was kinda nifty
and a good use of technology.
Tuesday, June 20th, 2006
12:51 pm
The Carolina Hurricanes beat Edmonton 3-1 in game 7 to win the Stanley Cup!!!!
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